Founded in 2001, Commonwealth Sustainability Works is a professional consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and families live richer, more productive lives and to helping businesses and organizations succeed without depleting the natural systems upon which our communities and livelihoods depend. AND… in 2013, new principal Trista Grigsby created our Kids and Food division to support clients’ efforts to improve school food and to grow sustainable agriculture and nutrition education programs.

We organize our practice into five service areas:

  • Kids and Food - program design and consulting, workshops, curriculum, gardens, menus
  • Green Building – consulting, design, certification, energy audits, physical needs assessments
  • Sustainable Communities – policy development, neighborhood planning, land use design, community meetings, design guidelines
  • Strategic Planning – corporate policy, corporate culture, staff training, green initiatives
  • Education and Training – classes, workshops, and seminars for businesses, community groups, and educational institutions

Over the years, our projects have included green design and consultation for private homes, businesses, schools, and non-profits; marketing of sustainable products; promotion of sustainable economic development; regional planning initiatives; presentations and classes on green building and sustainable development; green  jobs training program development; and advocacy for green policy in state and local government.

Our process begins with a clear articulation of a client’s values – and then seeks out choices that are more in accordance with those values. Sometimes this is a matter of incorporating previously missing information, sometimes a matter of rallying the discipline to maintain good habits. In either case, our role is a facilitator – helping the clients learn about issues important to their lives or businesses and then finding ways to incorporate that information into positive actions.

We also rely upon the notion that each of us has a responsibility to adjust our consumption to a level that might conceivably be sustained by the resources of our planet. This is not a philosophy of denial. It is the creative work of seeking the best in human experience – made better because we are working towards good things that we believe in rather than repressing what our conscience tells us.

Our size limits us to only a few projects at a time – which means focused, personal attention for our clients. We join you as partners working to achieve your goals and to move our world a little closer to peace and prosperity for all.

Staff: Principals Trista Grigsby and Andrew Grigsby


  • Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)
  • ENERGY STAR – As a certified home energy rater, CSW is authorized to qualify homes for the Federal ENERGY STAR label – which designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings. ENERGY STAR qualified products andpractices help save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE.
  • LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program) certified contractor

Partner Organizations: We work closely with colleagues in supporting disciplines.

Location: CSW’s office is located in beautiful, eclectic Richmond, Virginia, recently listed as one of the world’s top destinations by Frommers and as America’s best river city by Outside Magazine.

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