Dominion Energy Rebates

Dominion Energy offers rebates to residential customers for home energy check-ups, duct sealing, heat pump tune-ups, and heat pump upgrade. CSW is an authorized contractor for home energy check-ups and residential duct sealing.

Please note that these programs are discontinued as of December, 2016. Call us with questions or for updates.

Our home energy check-up includes a whole-house inspection with infrared scanning PLUS installation of efficiency improvements that will save you up to $100 a year or more in energy costs. Depending on your home, installed improvements may include

  • CFL lightbulbsDVP_EEC_Participati
  • Water heater tank insulation
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • HVAC air filters
  • Smart power strips for electronics
  • Low-flow faucets and shower-heads
  • Sweeps for exterior doors

In Richmond and surrounding counties, this valuable service can be had at no out-of-pocket cost* to you. With CSW, your rebate from Dominion covers the entire cost*. You can sign over the rebate to us on the spot and you’re done. Contact us today while this great opportunity is still available. It’s good for homeowners and renters – for any house or townhome at least 5 years old where the power bill is in your name. (Sorry, apartments are not included in the rebate program.) All you have to do is present your electric bill and your gas/oil bill (if your home has one of those).

Dominion also has a rebate for residential duct leakage testing and sealing. Here, the $125 rebate does not cover the full price of this service. Your cost – after the rebate – starts at $325 for 7 hours in your home testing and sealing. CSW is fully equipped to measure your system’s  leakage, make repairs, and report on the improvement.

If you live outside of the Richmond area, feel free to contact us anyway. We may be able to arrange a visit or connect you with a contractor in your area.

Learn more on Dominion’s website:

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