Green Building

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We bring green ideas to both new construction and remodels – providing

Consider these facts – collected by the American Institute of Architects’ Committee on the Environment

  • More than 35 percent of our nation’s energy supply, including more than 60 percent of electricity, is used for the construction and operation of buildings – approximately $250 billion a year.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, systematic approaches to quality improvement and cost effectiveness in high-performance buildings have reduced energy and operating costs from 30 to 80 percent compared to conventional buildings.
  • The annual savings on efficient equipment and design can pay back initial investments quickly. In fact, a rate of return of 25 to 40 percent per year is not uncommon.
  • According to a National Bureau of Standards study, the labor cost of employees in typical office facility is 13 times the cost of the facility itself over its life cycle, including construction, furnishings, maintenance, and interest. …research indicates that user-friendly office designs have increased productivity as much as 16 percent.

Whatever you are building, you have an opportunity to make it more affordable, more functional, and more beautiful – by integrating the principles of sustainability from the very beginning. Conventional construction in the USA currently creates too many unhealthy, unproductive environments that are unduly expensive to operate.

Green design is not limited to straw bale houses and earth ships – it can look just like the house next door. Let us help you get help you get the basics (framing, insulation, ductwork) right. Then we’ll discuss the most efficient equipment and appliances. And finally we’ll help you sort out the dangers of many conventional materials and the wonderful natural alternatives. We thoroughly review all the impacts of living in the structure, of how people will use it, and of the money saved by a user-friendly, resource-efficient design.

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