Green Building Certification

Certifying a residence or other structure as built green offers owners and builders the chance to demonstrate that the building has been independently verified as meeting the criteria of a particular program. They take advantage of the additional expertise and quality control of an expert who is dedicated to maximizing the green aspects of the building. Certification is available for new residences and for substantial renovations or additions.

CSW Principal Andrew Grigsby’s experience with certification began in 2000 with his participation in the City of Austin’s LEED-Gold, Antoine Predock-designed City Hall project. 

Andrew has served as the on-site rater and/or consultant for hundreds of single- and multi-family homes and commercial buildings using the following programs: LEED for New Construction; LEED for Homes; LEED for Schools; EarthCraft; ENERGY STAR; and Enterprise Green Communities. He provides his clients with expert advice and superior service to guide them smoothly through the process and create the greenest building possible.

Prices start at $1500 for ENERGY STAR and $950 for EarthCraft. Fees to the program provider apply for EarthCraft. The builder also will have to take a class for EarthCraft.

Typically the process involves the following steps:enterprise-green-communitie

  • provide builder’s team with design, materials, equipment, marketing, etc. recommendations through the entire construction process;
  • conduct design review of plans and construct preliminary energy model to establish HERS (Home Energy Rating System) index and generate recommendations for improvements;
  • first site visit to confirm program checklist points and to inspect insulation and air-sealing. This occurs after insulation is installed – before drywall. A pre-insulation inspection is optional.
  • second site visit to perform final inspection and tests (blower door, duct leakage). This occurs when the home is ready for move in.
  • finalize energy model to determine HERS score;
  • submittal of all documentation and fees to the HERS Quality Assurance Designee (our registered HERS Provider is EarthCraft Virginia) or other program manager.

Contact us early in the design phase in order to create the greenest, most efficient project with the least added cost. The right efficiency strategies can save money during construction – if they are part of the plan from the very beginning.

If you have further questions please contact us.

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