Sustainable Communities

Consulting Services For:
  • Community Designers and Builders
  • State and Local Governments and Agencies
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Citizen Groups and NGOs

Sustainable communities are those that enhance rather than deplete the resources they depend upon. These critical resources include natural, social, and economic systems. Commonwealth Sustainability Works provides consultation and support to organizations and individuals who are trying to protect or improve these systems. We help clients develop local strengths and create policies and practices that enable all people to thrive while enhancing these necessary resources.





We have found two questions in particular to be extremely helpful when considering a land-use or community planning project:

1) Does it facilitate walkability?

2) Does it facilitate the transition to renewable energy?

Other characteristics of a sustainable community include the following:

  • Biodiversity Protected
  • Civic Engagement Encouraged
  • Diverse Economic Base
  • Diverse Housing Supply
  • Food Security and Local Agriculture
  • Great Public Spaces of all Sizes
  • Natural Resource Use Minimized
  • Mixed-Use, Walkable Urban Neighborhoods
  • Preservation of Rural Land
  • Preserve and Enhance Local Character
  • Transportation Alternatives
  • Urban Re-Development
  • Water Conservation

Commonwealth Sustainability Works and its partners can help you to design and implement projects and policies that address any of these issues. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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